The course is exclusive with few students (six participants) and two teachers, and our experience tells us that we are therefore able to create a real change of behavior for the individual participant. The day is based on musical exercises, the students will be videotaped for a personal examination of the students’ development in the afternoon. Outcome is the personal feeling of being in control as a leader.


The purpose of addressing uncertainty / insecurity / anxiety is to create an intense and stressful scenario with musical exercises – in a safe and fun environment. In this framework, it becomes possible to focus on the body and on nonverbal communication. Once calmness is established – and it will be – the focus is shifted to the personal aspect of leadership, authority, commitment, the courage to be vulnerable, and the personal presence: the conductor toolbox.


At the beginning of the course day, the teachers give feedback – and thus a vocabulary for the course. There are common reflections on the teachings, and gradually the teaching is left to the students, who are now giving each other feedback. The credibility and confidence that is the prerequisite for the intense day can only be established on small exclusive teams.


As a participant You will experience the course from two different angles: You’ll get personal feedback when you yourself experience acting as a conductor in front of the team. And You will observe and comment on the other participants’ performance and development in the role of leader.


Course participant: ‘… but I would actually say that I learned the most when the others were instructed and I took the criticism they got and used it on myself’.

DAY TWO: MASTERSHIP – the conductors toolbox


The day that makes a real difference to the participants. This is as well bodily as transformative learning.


It is important that time has elapsed since the first day of the course. The participants thus have the opportunity to reflect on the learned as well as the opportunity to test the techniques on the visit to Copenhagen.


The day starts with a review of personal videos in plenary with classmates from day one. These videos were recorded on the first course day. The day then continues where the course day ended with more and more challenging exercises. The students also increasingly learn to teach each other, which is a guarantee of a high degree of intensity, concentration and learning.

  • Anxiety
  • The mental aspect of leadership
  • The body
  • The power of eye-contact
  • Credibility
  • Engagement
  • Courage to be vulnerable
  • Presence
  • Calmness
  • Power
  • Authority
  • The power of improvisation